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To celebrate our new community, we are hosting weekly events that will give you a taste of what’s inside Agents of Awakening.

Ohmygooshhhh! You’re not going to believe what I have in store for you. It’s time to celebrate all the things. For the last six months, my Team and I have been working to create a magical space for everything Wide Awakening and beyond. It’s a yummy space, and Playground for the Agents of Awakening online community, where you can connect with a tribe who finally gets your vibe (and so much more). 

Starting today, you can lock in your LIFETIME access to the new Agents of Awakening community for a deal you’ll never see again. So, check it out and join by July 21st to be entered to win a special bonus Q & A coaching session with me (valued at $600 USD). Get LIFETIME access here

Now, about the celebration. It’s on!  

I’m hosting some incredible live events (aka Activations) leading up to our opening day on July 22nd (you can lock in your LIFETIME membership before July 21st, and we’ll open the community for play on July 22nd).

You have no idea how excited we are to be consolidating my life’s work in one beautiful space for you to enjoy.

Here’s what you can expect (including the unexpected) over the next 35 days:

  1. Join me for five, live transformational events; all for free, just for you! (See the schedule below so you get it in your calendar and get a taste of the magic.)

  2. I’m going to share the stories of real-life people, otherwise known as magical unicorns like you (So, open your email messages).

  3. AND… Join in the next 7 days and be entered to get a bonus coaching Q & A with me (valued at $600 USD).

Become a LIFETIME  member of the Agents of Awakening community here.

Big Hugs!

Jennifer Hough The Wide Awakening

They wished their lives were anything but ordinary.  

Janice woke up every day excited to dive into personal growth and development, while her hubby was more interested in staying stagnant and numbing his senses with alcohol. 

Arlene craved a deeply loving relationship, but she’d outmanned every man she knew because she’d been sucked into the hamster wheel of success, lost touch with her femininity, and was running her life in the masculine testosterone zone. 

Sue was highly intuitive but totally misunderstood by her family, her siblings were insanely jealous, which caused all kinds of turmoil growing up. This carried over into a codependent relationship with her daughter and landed her in a marriage to a narcissist. 

When Sandy became a mom she lost her sense of adventure and tried to be the perfect mom, wife, and community member, even though her marriage was failing. She stopped saying “yes” to fun and started catering to everyone else. 

While it might not seem like Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy have anything in common, they each deeply craved healthy connections. They wanted to get off the hamster wheel, write a new book, not just a chapter; they were disconnected from personal satisfaction and felt isolated.  

The sense of belonging is something that people who are drawn to my work crave. In fact, it’s normal! Nothing is wrong with Janice, Arlene, Sue, Sandy, or you, and there is a way out. 

Each day they would ask themselves, “Where are my people?” Maybe you can relate…

Little did they know, their people were right around the corner. 

And that’s why we created DISCOVER on June 18, the first LIVE event in our celebration lineup. I’m sharing three tools to transform and connect you to your higher truth.

With Love,
Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs. 

When Janice experienced multiple family deaths in a row, she lost sight of her identity that was associated with a series of roles and responsibilities that no longer existed. 

Arlene reached a turning point where nothing was working in her favor, her once-powerful ideas were falling flat, and she realized the way she was showing up didn’t give her husband room to be the man. 

Sue hit a wall and realized there was no way she could go on like this; she knew there was more to life. 

Sandy experienced overwhelm when she tried to make everyone else happy. She had no idea how to make herself happy, and she knew she needed to get herself back. 

Life had reached a point where Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy were ready for a change. They knew they had to take inspired action, and they came to me for help.

I was able to Activate some major changes in their quantum fields (using three tools guaranteed to transform). Maybe you’re feeling like it’s time for an upgrade, and you’re craving your tribe, too? 

You’re invited to join me for the DISCOVER event today @ 1:00pm – 2:30pm ET.  I’ll reveal the 3 tools that transform, including Zero Pointing, the Cosmic Carwash, and Lucid Dreaming – see all of the events here. We’ll send you a reminder email right before the event.  

With Love,
Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team


In this interactive experience you will discover the ‘Cosmic Carwash’ and 2 other game-changing tools you need to thrive.

Lucid Dreaming Brainwave Music with Binaural Beat Frequency

Lucid Dreaming Music – Portal to Sanctuary Binaural Beats Frequency and Vibration

They had BIG “buts” and I cannot lie… 

Zero Pointing, The Cosmic Carwash, and Lucid dreaming have transformed my life and the lives of many others.  

Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy experienced different levels of my work, but they had some “big buts” (ha!)! This often comes in the form of resistance and skepticism, especially when you’re committing to creating new neural pathways — that’s a big thing.

Janice wasn’t ready for change, because she felt like a part of her would have to die as she released old relationships and stepped into something new, without a roadmap. She felt a little like the push-me-pull-you in the Doctor Doolittle book (but, really, she’s a unicorn). 

Arlene was so resistant to change, and didn’t want to soften or let anyone in. It took her a year to let her guard down but, when she did, wow- magic happened. 

Sue didn’t think she could make this goal for herself, because it would impact her daughter and her spouse when she committed to change. She was afraid her growth would traumatize her daughter, and that leaving her vindictive partner would leave her with nothing.

Sandy convinced herself that her world would fall apart, her kids would end up in jail, and her husband would leave her if she rocked the boat and did something for herself.

 I told you there were some “big buts.” And, that’s normal. 

They thought working with me would be “just another program.” It’s not. 

They made excuses that they didn’t have time, were overwhelmed, and the list goes on.

They were not yet committed to themselves, but that changed when they started applying three crucial tools from the Thriving Operating System. Revisit the DISCOVER event here, and get a glimpse of what’s possible (even if you were with me, live). 

I’m going to share more about that soon… It has something to do with holograms, where we’ll go deeper during our next celebration event, ACTIVATE, on June 25. You’ll want to join us to stop sabotaging yourself and get the zip back in your adrenals. 

What’s activated you the most so far? 

With Love,
Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team

What the heck is a hologram anyway, and what does it have to do with your ability to shift into thriving?

One of my Super Powers is the ability to tap into holograms and basically get a snapshot of the blueprint of your life in a nanosecond, from a deep cellular knowing that is beyond the five senses. Seeing who you really are is a huge catalyst for your positive evolution.  

The transformations for Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy were groundbreaking. 

Janice reconnected with her greater purpose, intuition, sense of humor and self. She now knows she’s not alone, the dead are not gone, and she can better navigate loss. Janice’s life is becoming a new book, not just a new chapter.

Arlene reconnected with her femininity, upgraded her job, completely revamped her relationships, and is now happily married to a man who deeply loves and cares for her.

Sue reclaimed and realized her intrinsic worth, and knows that, just by being, she is of value and loved by all that is. She also stopped trying to fix everyone and turn them into something they weren’t, and is now surrounded by a tribe of magical unicorns who are soul family and on the same path. 

Sandy now feels fully supported, and understands her roles are not who she is. After our adventure to Peru, she shows up unapologetically, as who she truly is at the core, and she feels consistently seen, heard, and understood. 

Truthfully, seeing is believing, and the soul seekers who have experienced my holographic sessions will tell you that, too. So, it’s your time to experience the magic. 

I’m hosting an intimate event called ACTIVATE on Friday June 25th, at 1:00 pm ET. I’ll be reading the hologram of the group, and of individuals who join me live.

Come snuggle up as we experience transformation, community, and how holograms work, realtime. 

With Love,
Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team

Let’s get you Activated and tapped into your thriving operating system.

There’s more to share about the journeys and transformations that Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy have embodied. And, first, I want to talk about you! 

Did you know there is a way to be free of efforting? Yep. I’ll show you how. 

Come play with me during the ACTIVATE event where I’m going to give you the chance to experience a mini-Activation to shift from struggle to freedom.  

I’ll also reveal some exciting news about how you can get connected to your soul family just like Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy did, and win a one-to-one Activation with yours truly. 

Now back to our main characters, who’ve transformed via Activations and upgraded to the thriving operating system. 

Janice now enjoys rich connections with the soul family who are her true family, after years of feeling misunderstood.

Arlene is free of money worries, owns her value, and is living in such overflow she has the luxury of turning down opportunities that don’t speak to her soul.

Sue no longer looks for outside validation, has a beautiful relationship with her daughter, and is no longer impacted by the ups and downs of people she loves.

Sandy has claimed her full essence, chooses to fully be here on all levels, no longer carries the people she loves, and is thriving. 

Best of all, they have connected with people who get them (you’ll meet some of them soon). They feel heard, seen, and understood for the first time ever because of the community that is created through our programs. 

Magical transformations and Activations await you. I’ll see you at the ACTIVATE event, and in the AOA LIFETIME membership when it feels right to step into your expansion. 

What are you ready to expand? 

With Love,
Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team


Join this live Q&A with Jennifer Hough for answers to your questions in a way that address you where you are and encourages you to step into your personal gifts that make you uniquely and brilliantly you.

Forget the naysayers and join the yaysayers as an Agent of Awakening.

I’m so over the top excited about our new founding members. Have you joined us yet? Here’s the deal: What I’ve seen over the years is that when we’re presented with new opportunities and growth, we experience some serious naysayers who try to keep us off our destined paths. 

I don’t want to focus too much on this because I’m really all about transformation, Activation, and leading others to be Agents of Awakening. But, I wouldn’t be serving you to the highest degree if I didn’t let you know that you might experience some pushback from those you love, and those who are challenged by change.

Think about what happened to Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy when they decided to commit to themselves. They were each called by “something,” but weren’t sure what it was. 

They all experienced some self-doubt, then Activated their Super Powers and inspired many of those around them.

And, remember the “big buts?” They dissolved them, stepped into their bigger vision, and chose to fully live. They knew there was something more, and they found it when we played together. Now they are all thriving. 

That can all be yours, and more, when you become an Agent of Awakening and join the yaysayers

With Love,
Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team


Jennifer will use her ability to see holographically to find incongruences in your field, guide you back to your ultimate flow and heal the density in the way of thriving.


A transformational experience that will show you how to fly forward with your purpose, prosperity, business, relationships, body and bliss in a fully integrated state.

Embody your superpowers. Amplify your unique gifts and strengths. Experience exponential growth and transformation.


Take a peek behind the curtain at the Agents of Awakening community and all of the wonderful content, courses and community conversations that are included.

The Awakening is Here

Agents of Awakening is the community that upgrades your internal OS and empowers you to thrive.