The future is calling us together.

Finally, the community that seekers, unicorns and bad-ass love beams can call home.

Agents of Awakening


AOA is an online community of kindred spirits who are supporting each other to embody, evolve and fly forward. 

Live Exponentially

Discover your soul purpose & embody your unique superpowers.

Connect Infinitely

Develop your inner connection & liberate yourself from doubt.

Transcend Spiritually

Live a divine life where magic and miracles become normals.

Awaken. Embody. Evolve.

This is an auspicious moment in human history.

We are at a tipping point. Is it any wonder you are born now?

Do you feel your heart’s call?

"AOA offers advanced teachings and paradigm shifts that keep up with what’s really going on out there, not teaching principles which are out of alignment with the the modern world. "

Live doubt free

What if you could transcend self sabotage, thrive beyond distractions, and be in groovy flow consistently?

You aren’t wrong. There is more to life.

Make thriving your new default.

Wake up inspired

If you’ve been feeling your future calling and wondering when is it time? It’s now.

You’ve found the path to effortless flow.

“I love Jennifer's honesty. I love how she cares for each of us, and I feel that she is here to assist and guide us, with no hidden agenda, no demands, just love.”
Carol G.

It’s not you,
it’s your programming

I lived my life according to the script I learned from society, family and my culture.

I didn’t understand why I wasn’t thriving. I was successful, healthy, married and had all the things – but something was missing.

I knew there was more to life. More love, meaning, flow and vitality.

I endlessly analyzed my brokenness through books, coaches and courses. I was lost and exhausted.

This led me to study with renowned scientists, mystics, shamans, and PhD’s in physics who gave me the raw materials necessary to transform myself and thrive. Every bone in my body called me to teach that system.

AOA emerged out of a simple question: “how I can support my tribe to move forward with clarity, wake up inspired, and live their purpose?”.

In answer to that question, Agents of Awakening Community has been lovingly distilled from 20 years of awakened dreams about physics and spirituality, being in 3 documentaries about human evolution, writing 8 books, countless TV and radio shows, and living what I learned and then taught to others through our systems/programs.

It’s time to thrive… together!

With love,

Upgrade your operating system

If you’ve been feeling your future calling and wondering when is it time? Now is the time!

You’ve found the path to effortless flow.

"I’ve spent the last few years feeling lost and searching in the wrong direction. All I had to do was turn around and see everything I was searching for was always right in front of me! It feels so good to be back!"
Jenny T.

Activate who you are, in a community that finally gets you

It’s time to liberate that untapped potential. We’re here to help you get free. And we’re not messin’ around!

1. Free yourself

from what’s sabotaging you. Live a life you love and get out of the Universe’s way.

2. Thrive

by upgrading your life’s Operating System, so you can kick butt and take names.

3. Take flight

and live in a way that miracles become everyday normals. Experience what you knew was possible.


Your All-Access Pass

Become a founding member to receive lifetime access to our private community hosted by The Wide Awakening.

Exponentiate your flow

Join our monthly call with Jennifer called Be² and dive in to your personal Hologram together. Get ahead of the shifts that happen in the world so you stay in flow!

Connected, seen & supported

Join our Community Playground of sacred seeker, quantum creators & find people from your area all over the world who get you.

Get answers quickly

Access our living library of activations and audios on every subject in an ever-expanding resource that continues to upgrade with the shifts.

Transmute old paradigms

Upgrade at the speed of consciousnessf, instead of spending years breaking old beliefs one-by-one in our leading edge programs.

Don't be alone

Get support from our team, find others in your area, do our monthly expansion experiments and let’s co-create the world you imagine while you practice thriving!

First dibs & discounts

Members are invited to Jennifer’s retreats, live events and advanced programs first, with great discounts.

"I'm absolutely buzzing. Thank you for all the amazing guidance and assistance you have given me over the past years. I have no words to say how full my heart is right now, and it’s all thanks to the tools and gifts you’ve helped me to remember."

From Survival to Thrival

watercrew (1)

The Wide Awakening is reflects a heart’s calling that life, this world and your world can be richer and more meaningful.

It is clear that there is a need for those who want to build bridges in the world, to have a place.

Humanity’s heart is calling us to become, to radiate the example of what it is like to harmonize within oneself, as well as with the world at large.

Agents of Awakening is a private community of change-makers, visionaries, seekers and courageous light ninjas who believe a better world is possible.

Members get exclusive access to cutting-edge content, deep connection, inspiration and a community playground to connect with other agents.

To celebrate our launch, those who sign up before July 22 will receive Founding Member status which grants lifetime access and a goodie bag full of awesome perks.

Are you an Agent of Awakening?

If so, join us.

Let’s exponentiate what’s possible and let ourselves be seen and heard.

Join Agents of Awakening

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"My life is off the chart ridiculously amazing, and I know part of the catalyst for that is all the classes I have taken with Jen”
Bonnie O.

Frequently A'd Q's

You can expect lots of support from a community of like-minded people that are on a journey just like you are. A community that laughs at itself, does the work and stretches to thrive in every area possible. Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team will do everything possible to support you as you fly forward.
We want you to have fun, to share stories, ask questions as you expand, to support fellow community members, to participate in courses and programs and to fly forward and thrive!
We know that with the support of this community you will get results. And, if for some reason, you have taken action and still are not getting results a team member will work with you to help you move forward in your journey.

All Founding Members receive a LIFETIME membership. Registration closes 7/21.

Annual and monthly plans will be available fall 2021.

AOA community members receive 24/7 access to our online digital and audio library, worksheets, workbooks, and all of the other benefits outlined in your initial Welcome email.
Our membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. You will get emails leading up to your renewal charge. You can cancel your renewal prior to the renewal charge. Written notice may also be given 3 business days prior to the charge in order to cancel or you can access your dashboard and cancel renewal prior to charge. Please email us with any questions.

No, we don’t feel aligned with the ethics of Facebook any longer and so we built our own private, focused community space where every conversation is in alignment for what we stand for in the world. No longer will you have to scroll the wall endlessly for something that activates, awakens and inspires you. It will all be in the AOA community!

The Awakening is Here

Agents of Awakening is your community to connect with like minds, co-create the world you imagine and upgrade your operating system to thrive.

2021 The Wide Awakening

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